Aerial & Underground Utility Engineering  

We manage all aspects of these projects for you.

You benefit from our 34+ years experience. Every aspect of the project is managed for you. At completion, you get the keys to a fully functional high-speed network capable of delivering anything at any speed.

  • Identify and file permits for easement regulations/pole permit requirements.
  • Prepare final engineering detail for Local Utility & Local DPW Engineer.
  • Determine design sag and tension requirements.
  • Determine Pole loading calculations.
  • Provide State Licensed Professional Engineering sign-off of required NESC wind, sag and load calculations.
  • Acquire Pole Attachment Agreements.
  • Call in Diggers Hotline locates to document all public existing utilities.
  • Field inspection of existing public and private utilities.
  • Site surveys to identify interior piping requirements.
  • Acquire Street Right-of-Way/Occupancy Permits.
  • Acquire Railroad Crossing/Occupancy Permits.
  • Create multi-color scaled 24" x 36" CAD prints.
  • Prepare Labor Technical Specification and Bidding Documents.
  • Prepare Material Technical Specification and Bidding Documents.
  • Prepare public bid notice.
  • Conduct pre-bid contractor walk through.
  • Conduct public bid opening at client site.
  • Develop project schedule.
  • Provide project management services through project completion.
  • Provide weekly client updates.